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Do you have some fucked up fetish you know it will bring your demise, you are ashamed to admit, you'll never be able to experience? I've tried it, it ended up badly but I'll probably go for it again, I'm just too weak. im not stupid enough to take pictures and have evidence I have been very lucky to not get caught.

Something you have about yourself, that's maybe illegal or impossible? It's harmful and abnormal, makes me feel like less of a man, but I can't help it. Pic very related, I'm open for questions and will reply to other confessions if you share any. I have found there is no real way to get rid of a fetish entirely.

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Along with reducing your risks of heart disease you’re additionally going to find that a proper amount of fish in your diet will also have a beneficial affect on anybody who has high blood pressure.

Although these are fatty acids you are going to understand that these are essentially good fatty acids that promote heart health.

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