Keith harkin of patrick thunder dating

Thank you for everything Celtic Thunder, the music, the friends & more importantly you guys the fans.

I Love you all, and appreciate every single thing you have ever done.

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A lot of them like to keep their personal lives private, Emmett O' Hanlon is Iriish American . - Ryan might be dating Lesley Pike, but that hasn't been confirmed.

Last Christmas I bought my Nan tickets to see Celtic Thunder live in concert because I’m an awesome grand-daughter and I had to give her something better than the Celtic Thunder DVD I’d given her the Christmas before which she’d promptly become obsessed with (I suspect ‘fandom’ may be a thing that could run in our family).

I’d said I would go with her and do the good grand-daughterly thing, but the concert was mooooonths away and I was secure in the fact I didn’t have to worry about it for ages. I was going to be going to a Celtic Thunder concert.

From just listening to my music, liking something on Facebook, to coming to my shows and grabbing my Albums.

I have worked my ass off for everything I have in my life...

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